Where Quality Cotons are bred for health and temperament

Where Quality Cotons are bred for health and temperament

Where Quality Cotons are bred for health and temperament Where Quality Cotons are bred for health and temperament

to preserve and protect the integrity of the breed

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Your Furever Friend

Happy, Healthy Bloodline


Welcome! My name is Dell Ann Kuhn. I live on a small farm just north of Columbus, Ohio.  We have  been involved with dogs since 1980 , breeding miniature schnauzers ,  along with my good friend.  All the while my children were socializers ,babysitters and playmates for the puppies.My children had grown and moved on to their own endeavors, I only had my little Teddy who was 19 yrs. old. After her passing  I was without a dog for almost a year.  My friend had gotten a new dog,  a Coton de Tulear.  After much research , I spent time in Kentucky at a coton specialty taking it all in.  I finally had my first coton, Scarlett.  Oh what a cutie, a white puff ball for sure. And the story goes on from there " you can't just have one. "   Maplewood Cotons have been breeding cotons since 2008 and began showing in 2014 when they were fully recognized by AKC. All of our cotons are finished champions or on their way to becoming one.  We have strived, from the beginning to breed a better Coton De Tulear, using the FCI standard as our guide. We highly advocate

 health testing for all of our cotons. Our goal is Health, Temperament, and Beauty. 

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Your Furever Friend

Happy, Healthy Bloodline


We here at Maplewood Cotons are excited to share our love of the Cotons with you.

We breed  quality health tested cotons from champion lines.

Our cotons have been imported

 from  France and Slovenia.

 We  believe in producing healthy  puppies with great temperaments and great beauty for which the cotons are known for. 

They live in our home and as 

my children would say

" they are soooo spoiled"

Our cotons are pampered with good food, spa days, and lots of fun play especially when the grandchildren are here.

Our mentors have been right here beside us to ensure we preserve the health and integrity of the Coton De Tutelar.

We are COE (code of Ethics) Breeders/ members with (NACA)The North American Coton Association.  I have served on the board of directors for 5 years.

We are also members of the 

United States of America Coton

De Tulear club.

Your Furever Friend

Your Furever Friend

Your Furever Friend


The Coton De Tulear is bred to be a companion. They have wonderful personalities and are very willing to please. Early socialization by us and their new furever families is very important. They are often known as "little clowns" and are said to actually smile sometimes. 

The Cotons came to the USA in 1974 from the island of Madagascar.  The tale is only the royals were allowed to have them. They are  fast becoming one of the most popular dogs for happy go lucky attitude and excellent health. They are best known for their soft cottony coat, beautiful dark eyes, and playful personalities. As coton de tulear breeders, Maplewood Coton puppies are sent home with appropriate vaccinations, notebook and a mommy blanket.

We are always here to answer any questions concerns you may have .

We are members of the

Royal Coton Breeders of Excellence. This group of dedicated coton de tulear  breeders have come together with their many years of experience to assist you in finding a healthy and happy Coton puppy. We are highly ethical breeders who strive to preserve the extraordinary qualities of the Coton.  


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